Our Auto Recycling Process

The Green Process  

Where you choose to retire, scrap, or junk your vehicle when it reaches the end of its life can make a major difference to its environmental impact. Unfortunately, not all scrap removal companies dispose of End of Life Vehicles (ELVS) responsibly. It’s easy to sell your vehicle and assume it is being handled correctly, but the reality is that some operations simply crush the vehicles and sell them for their scrap value only. By doing this they’re allowing toxic fluids and harmful components to reach the soil and groundwater. No reusable parts are taken off and no regard to the damage they’re doing to the environment is taken. Please be aware of who you are selling your vehicle to!

Components that are Recovered, Recycled, Remanufactured, or Reused  

Ferrous, Nonferrous, and Precious Metals: Over 70% of the vehicle, all iron, iron alloys, catalytic converters and other metals.  

All lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and other hazardous liquids: This includes gasoline, diesel, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, motor oil, hydraulic fluids for brakes, differential fluid, and power steering fluid  

Components containing Lead or Mercury: batteries, wheel balance weights, convenience light switches, ABS.  


Parts and Assemblies: engines, transmissions, suspensions, alternators, starters, light assemblies, etc.  

Computers and Modules: computers for the engine, brakes, transmission, air bags etc.  

Air Bags  

Refrigeration Gas from Air Conditioning Systems  

Love your Earth. Scrap your car the green way.